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Image by Anastasiia Tarasova
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Sweet Tooth Tour

Private Tour 

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English 

Operates: Daily, minimum 2 to operate

PRICE: Per Person €95


Are you ready to discover our indulgent sweet tooth tour? Barcelona may not be this famous

for its sweets, pastries or desserts but it is because the locals keep it in secret ! On our

generous gastronomy, sweets are the cherry on top.

Orxata, churros, Xocolata a la pedra, Cacaolat, Catànies, melidros or ensaïmades are just weird

Catalan words for you now but after our tour you would become an awesome local sweet


Come with me I will show you not just the best places to enjoy the melting hot chocolate with

churros or melidros or the most refreshing drink made from tiger nuts, our veggie yummy milk

but as well how cocoa beans arrives in Barcelona in the earlier 15th century and how it

transforms the society with its sweet-bitter flavor.

On our tour you will have the chance of trying many sweets from chocolate, dry fruits,

pastries, milkshake, gelato or Spanish nougat.

We will stop in 4 different places (quirky & quaint shops) where to enjoy the taste and the

stories behind each goodies.

On our 3-hour tour we will visit 2 different neighborhoods trying to find a quiet atmosphere.

IMPORTANT INFO: Starting time, normally in the morning 10 am

Let's Get


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Image by Benn McGuinness
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