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News Travel information for booking an African safari to Tanzania is below.

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First of all, Tanzania & Zanzibar is the safest destination to go to now, There are no Covid19 cases, and No Travel restrictions (No quarantine).

Tanzania reopened tourism in June 2020 and several international Airlines started coming to Tanzania. Qatar Airways, KLM, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, and Emirate air fly to Tanzania in a week 3 times ( each Airline, land at Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam Julius Nyerere, and Zanzibar airport international airport 3 times a week per airline). Most tourists are coming from Poland, Spain, Belarus, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

Special charter flights from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, named Azur Air, Nordwind airlines have landed in Zanzibar 2 times a week, from October and November, bringing more than 2500 Tourists.


A lot of animals migrate to South Serengeti in December and January. Wildebeest or Gnu will be accompanied by Zebras, Grant Gazelle, etc but also, Lions, leopards, Cheetah, as the predator animals follow the chain to find the prey, meals.  (This means, Masai Mara has scarce wildlife animals because wildebeest migration has moved to Serengeti). So the best time to go for Tanzania safari is December, January, and February, even up to March is Okay. This helps tourists to see many wildlife animals in a few days of a safari package to Serengeti and Ngorongoro.  The Rainy season begins at the end of March, April, and May. In Southern Serengeti and Ndutu Ngorongoro, a lot of animals stay there up to April/May, when they start moving northward toward central and North Serengeti.

Travel Updates | Inspire Me World Travel | Latest News

The benefits of going for wildlife safaris in Tanzania during December, January, and February are that tourists will see many more animals in just a few days of a safari tour. Booking a safari holiday of 4 days to Serengeti and Ngorongoro is enough to watch the big 5 Africa animals. This means you save money which would be spent on booking safari in other seasons because you will need more days to see many animals you like.


Other safari itineraries, for leisure tours, are Tanzania safari 5 days and may add Tarangire National Park. 6 days Wildlife safaris Tanzania, 7 days Tanzania safari will also include Maasai boma visit and experience cultural tourism, same as 8 to 10 days safari tour. Photographic safari is advised to have 12 to 18 days, and this includes off-road driving, visit primitive bushmen, Hadzabe tribe in Lake Eyasi. The photographic tours can provide walking safari, nature trekking experiences, and also visit Lake Natron.


Furthermore, From December, January, February, and up to Mid March, it is dry and warm weather and hence the best time to go climbing Kilimanjaro. See our tour here.

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