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  • Albania | Tirana | Inspire Me World
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Pristina has quite a lot of flats that look like former Soviet buildings. But the face of the capital is changing quickly. Many cheerful-looking apartments are being built. Also very attractive is the Mother Teresa Boulevard. The center street is full of restaurants, statues, fountains and the national theatre. 


Just like many other capitals in the world, Pristina is not the most beautiful town of the country. But, for sure it is by far the most important place of the young state


The Ottoman Empire has strongly influenced the Kosovar city of Prizren.

You can climb the fortress, located less then twenty minutes from the city center. From there you’ll have a stunning view over Prizren, and you can count dozens of minarets.

The center street of the old town counts a big mosque, a Serbian Orthodox church and a beautiful Catholic Church.

Peja has a rich cultural and historical inheritance being host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, access to another one and surrounding by stunning nature. The city lies in the northwestern part of Kosovo, at the foot of Bjeshkët e Nemuna and Rugova Canyon. 

One of the nature highlights of the Balkan a stretched mountain range with water, waterfalls and rocks. Those who freely want to enjoy the area can drive through the valley by car. Every season brings a new kind of beauty, so there is enough to enjoy.


The old town of Gjakova was one of the most developed trade centers during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Balkans.


Although the old town was ruined in the Kosovo war of 1999, the streets are restored to their traditional style. The face of the old center changed recently. A narrow street, full with bars, brought back the youth to Gjakova. A Kosovo tourism highlight