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Don Quijote at Barcelona

Private Tour 

Duration: 4hrs approx.

Language: English 

Operates: Daily 

PRICE: Per Group €300


The book that depicts the adventures of the most sane of the crazy and the craziest of the sane

also has some chapters at Barcelona. He came to Barcelona to clarify the false stories that

were attributed to him. During his stay at Barcelona he walked through its streets and had fun

in the house of a man, he met a printing press and visited some galleys in the port, he saw the

sea for the first time and was defeated on the beaches of Barcino. The adventures of the

Ingenious Hidalgo are Don Quijote de la Mancha, that is a good guide to explore the city and

know some of its corners.

Itinerary: Perot Lo Lladre –Carre del Call - Plaça Sant Jaume - Pas de l'Ensenyança - Carrer

Avinyó -Carrer Ample - Pg. Colom

Not included : Transport

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Image by Benn McGuinness
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